We are not laughing Mr. Cameron!


4 thoughts on “We are not laughing Mr. Cameron!

  1. DAVID CAMERON, HAVE YOUR SECRET SERVICE (cps) NOT removed your children, have they not snatched them from your arms, have you not yet heard your childs screams to be left with you while your police force look down on you, have you not been told that you are unfit to have them… Should YOUR SECRET SERVICES turn up and i doubt it, ask your wife not to cry as they will deem her mentally unfit and the children will be removed forever, .. Children all over your country are being removed from capable loving parents in heart-rendering circumstances that grossly deny human rights because they have made (mistakes), Take note Mr cameron, Take note


    • I feel your pain Pat as I too have endured this and I fear David Cameron could not give a damn as they seemed to think it funny he and his secret service made a joke about leaving his daughter in a pub toilet!


  2. Oh my God! I have been through EXACTLY that. My 14 month old son was ripped off my chest and out of my arms as he slept by Montana CPS and two cops 11 years ago. My second child was sent to Montana from Texas in 2007 by CPS-no investigation, He was only 2. My third and fourth children are in foster care in Texas, being PROTECTED from their entire famiy! They were taken at one year old and birth. My fifth child is now 10 months old and CPS has been a’callin. I cried and was labeled with an emotional immaturity and nonspecific personality disorder. How can I rectify these wrongs? My children have suffered cruel and unusual punishment, as has our ENTIRE family, due to these awful actions and ALLEGATIONS….no proof, no evidence, no criminal charges. Just a kangaroo court hearing and an unsurmountable life sentence.


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