Lets make Family Law & CPS Reform the US Priority for 2014!









Too Liberal for austerity?                                                                                                                                                            Selfserving?

Lets get behind such groups as;

David and Omar Inguanzo at Children’s Rights

Donald Tenn at Fathers 4 Justice

David Carlin at Occupy Family Court

Nancy Rolfe at Govabuse

and many more!


     NOW 28th September 2012 WORLDWIDE!   http://www.facebook.com/#!/events/347315435343140/

Although this event has passed there are some useful groups and contacts on the poster; Davey



“First Lady Michelle Obama” <


           Pragmatic but past it?                                                  Whered’ e go?


13 thoughts on “Lets make Family Law & CPS Reform the US Priority for 2014!

  1. Do not be silent for our children and our constitutional rights to parent-expose the judges and guardian ad litems nationwide–thank you save our kids parental alienation foundation-always demand equal custody unless true abuse has been proved


  2. please keep fighting for the injustices being done to the children by cps and the police that dont care or in my case, side with the mothers dad(ex cop) who lies for his daughter and doesnt protect his non -biological grandaughter!


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