Leverson Hypocrisy! (Who Judges the Judges?)

Lord Justice Leverson will be calling the Justice Minister The Rt Hon Ken Clarke QC MP and Children’s Minister Michael Gove to his enquiry this coming week, I challenge him to look at the injustice he’s own organisation is responsible for in Family Court!


 “Mr Gove, I do not need to be told about free speech!”

Lord Leverson.

“We think you do!” Daveyone 29/05/12

This Morning;

I was disappointed that no men had their say on this article relating to CSA and that appalling woman Marylin Stowe who advocated everyone see a solicitor (It is not a crime to be a father ) why do you think £4bn is outstanding and why have 18,000 men taken their lives in Oz  in the past 4 years through CSA oppression double that in UK & Canada and 100,000 per year in the USA, many of whom are returning service personnel from Iraq and Afghanistan please even this debate up a bit!!




Coronation Street are very good at illustrating
Family Justice and Child Welfare issues!


As a long term fan of the ‘street’ since watching the grainy black and white
episodes in the early 60′s I have always been impressed by the authenticity
of the scripts!


The Leverson enquiry was set up to consider the press , in turn it is reviewing politicians , I say they should go one further and examine the judiciary!






3 thoughts on “Leverson Hypocrisy! (Who Judges the Judges?)

  1. On looking at the phone in here, with the awful and gender biased despicable Marylin Stow, what is of note here, is not what IS said, but what ISN’T said. The old story here is that fathers want to run away from their responsibilites in regard to their children, its nonesense! But of course many of these fathers are prevented a meaningful role in their own children’s lives, and of course that isn’t being brought out here or even being commented on by the likes of Ms Stowe. This is all about mothers grabbing as much cash as they can, and hang the rights of fathers to see their own kids! There can “be no taxation without representation”, yes a principal that is akin to this same issue here. Meaning that if fathers are being purposely prevented contact with thier own flesh and blood, ‘represention’, because of the evil intentions of the mother, then how on earth can a fathers mind set be an easy one to just, well, pay up, ‘taxation’. There is more to this than what is talked about here. As for Ms Stowe suggesting that Gingerbread is the best place for mothers to go to get advice, well I was shocked! They are a bunch of anti male, anti father, anti family evil nazi feministo’s iv’e ever seen on the net. How they are allowed to get away with their father hate chat on thier web site, well I just don’t know! Stowe lives on some other planet, she is making vast sums out of the misery of many fathers, who do not see their kids and are just seen as cash points, shame on her, shame on the biased corrupt money making stowe. God how I detest her!


  2. I must say Paul, your comments echo my thoughts on seeing this and the blog is derived from a message I sent to ITV but as yet I have not had a reply from This Morning production.


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