Davey Bows-Out! The Legacy!


After 8 years to this month at this I was beginning to get a bit disheartened by the fact nothing much had changed in that time, even my blogs were repeating themselves, it should be the media and ultimately the politicians that should be doing something, not just us. I also met up with my boys on the 18th Feb, 4years and 5 months (short by a day) they went AWOL due to their Mothers PAS. Although I was hopeful it now seems to be a ploy once again on her part to discover what I am up to and what is in it for her. Well having paid £35,000 in court offered a second family home only a few hundred yards away which in turn bankrupted me. The CSA has 2 leans on my home which is due to be repossessed shortly and my dole will be reduced to £7 per week next month,
Campaigning also put a rift between Ann and I
so I would say there is very little for anyone!! ( As I write this a summons has just landed on my door mat from TFL for an unpaid fine for congestion charge following my one man protest in London on Father Day last year in protest at absent fathers being branded in the same category as drink drivers and ostracised as such. Do they not think (Cameron) fathers already alienated by the system and forced away  form their loving children have been ostracised enough? I was able to get my message across to Nick Ferrari at LBC and Vanessa Feltz on BBC London but clearly did not leave London early enough ( in my 998cc van) to avoid a £200 penalty charge!) 
 The media seem reticent to deal with this subject in fact LBC seem more preoccupied in employing ‘failed has been’ politicians then discussing robust matters that affect our society so profoundly David Mellor and Ken Livingstone currently being replaced by Jacqui Smith and Steven Norris!
Whilst the best the BBC can do is ridicule some guy because he has climbed on something dressed as a superhero, instead why don’t they ask why, and what would it take to put RIGHT?
When Norgrove announced he was going to undertake a Review of Family Justice almost 2 years ago, even though it was instigated by Ed Balls his wife Yvette Cooper and deputy Labour leader Harriet HarMAN*, I said lets give it a go as they seemed to be asking the right questions. My friends at RFFJ said it was a fudge and even suggested we sent empty finger of fudge wrappers to the Ministry of Justice in protest ( there is only so many of those  you can eat before feeling a little sick!) Sadly they were right and the end result published last November proved to be a pandering to the *feminist left but did reveal how top heavy and over bureaucratised the Family Law industry is! I would pay tribe to Mike, Leigh, Peter, Jem and the team at RFFJ and will leave the last word on this to Ann Widdecombe;
Maybe Lord Leverson or Lord McPherson ( or better still someone more independent) should, instead of concentrating their minds on the press and police and police respectively, should turn their minds to the injustices being perpetrated in Family court on a daily basis by their cronies and the so called professionals in the form of Solicitors and barristers who seek financial gain before justice and in fact will fan the flames of any dispute in order to plunder the legal aid fund for mum whilst rendering dad bankrupt all……..“in the best interest of the children!”  Adolf Hitler 1937 
When is this arrogant, or is it simply inept, Coalition Government going to tackle things from the right end ? David Cameron bleats on about too many foster children are losing out to a good home when all to often children are put into Forced Adoption in spite of a loving family ready to take on the responsibility even if mum and dad do have difficulties . Surely putting a child with his/her own grandparents has to be better in the main then sending them off to irreversible care with not so caring strangers!
Not only the Law Lords but those other residence of privilege in the upper house the clergy and indeed leaders of all faiths should get real when it comes to dealing with the issues of the day and the injustices being carried out by the Archbishops fellows in the form of Law Lords who’s ineffectiveness is damaging families, children’s lives and is an abomination on society as a whole!
As a disturbing side to my research into Family Law and Child Welfare I have been contacted by a number of groups and individuals concerned by the amount of abuse within church and church schools up and down the land and in both the North and South of Ireland. They were attracted to me by my campaign style Justice4Children and I appeal now that a robust review and more over action should be taken to put suspected priests and clergy before the same laws we are all accountable to, as until this happens it will leave a bad smell in the air all the way from the Irish sea to the Vatican!
( Although It goes far beyond even here!) 
 I have written to my MP on numerous occasions most recently with regard to the continued persecution by the CSA! You may as well pee in the sea as any goodwill the MP may extend to you or what you perceive as understanding translates to ‘disappointing’ letters of no action. I suppose I have to understand that it is hard for my MP as he is friends with the Minster responsible but surely this political nepotism has to be overruled by the pursuit of justice, isn’t that the whole reason someone would go into public office or is it, as the cynical among us believe and seem to be proven time and again, it is purely for their own personal gain and benefit?
Iain Duncan-Smith as chairman of the centre of social justice talks a good talk but when will he start walking a good walk? 
The first person to speak in this video is the late Ian Mackay who was introduced to me by a previous local MP Mark Prisk as he was an advocate for FNF and served me on a number of occasions as a McKenzie friend sadly to no avail and seemed to me for such an honourable gentlemen even he was ridiculed but the less then honorable family Court judge! I did promise after his death I would fight on in his name but the corruption is too deep routed in society and the family law industry for me to go on. sorry Ian!
I would also like to pay tribute to friends and associates I have met from around the world when I went in search for where thing are done better in Family Law, sadly there is nowhere better and and the fight goes on around the world ! I would also say to my friends at Antimisandry .com to fight the good fight what suffragettes fought for 100 years a go is now being fought by the likes of fathers 4 Justice who are simply seeking for the pendulum to be swung back in favour of equality in parenting is it too much to ask? 
 Omar and David Inguanzo who’s Children’s Rights campaign says it all for me and all I wanted to achieve and would implore you all to join forces not only in the US but world wide so the watch word in this fight has to be Unity! Also David Carlin, Eric Nagy, Donald Tenn and Former CEO of Father & Families in Los Angeles Glenn Sacks.


 Chris/Percy/Amfortas, Matt Meurer,Michael Borusiewicz, Steve Allcock  Ken Thompson
Peter van de Voorde
Interpaal Productions                              
 Graeme, Jim & Daniel my 3 musketeers!
 Outdoors , Jeremy Swanson velvet Martin, Attila Vinczer and the 2 Marios!
I wish I could have done more here too!
Wee Cheng (as is Steve Allcock) is for me a great exponent of the evils of Parental Alienation and the daily account of his heartache which is a condition I would not wish on any fellow man and like me has to take a break from this too right now!
Perhaps alienated children should be at the top of the list of Contributors to this cause and alienating parents held to account for their actions that devastate the short period of time that is childhood!
In spite of the worst of economy turmoils in Europe there is also a campaign here and I would like to acknowledge the resolve of Nik, Sygapa and Goneas in this area!
Daveyone FamilyLawman : Fan Club
Occupy CSA in 2012                                                                                       
Power to the People: Lobby, Protest and Occupy in 2012
World4Justice ( Lobby Forum) Justice4Children : 2010    
And to all who fight for justice around the world I dedicate this picture of Unity to your cause!

4 thoughts on “Davey Bows-Out! The Legacy!

  1. Thank you to Bewitched for her words of wisdom on this subject, and it is true I will be bowing out as much of what I do is repeating itself I made
    the decision to take a break when it occurred to me blogs I had written and comments made 8 years ago were still relevant today nothing has changed. Sir Bob Geldof did a thing called Geldof on Fathers ( on you tube now) at the same time as I entered the fray in 2004 he too must be saddened by such little if any progress has happened in that time. As Peter van de Voorde has just e-mailed this is a human rights issue and not gender based, good parents are being penalised by the system and the kids are the ones who suffer the most, you can read all my stuff via http://www.daveyonefamilylawman.blogspot.com which includes a banner back here to F4JOz .com You pragmatic Oz’s seem to understand this subject better then most so I may decide to join you one day on th other hand Toon , I may not Best wishes to you all Daveyone.


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