Justice 4 Stephen?

Like many I was horrified by the news of Stephen Lawrence’s murder in 1993, at a time when knife and gun crime was less common then today. To then learn the attack was motivated by race hatred intensified the senses to this heinous crime.
Today I wonder what this young architectural student may have become and who knows he may have contributed to the Olympic infrastructure or something else whilst the 5 who were involved in his murder 18 years on, have amounted to nothing!
When I saw Mr. and Mrs Lawrence being subjected to the further torture of an enquiry and the less then appropriate setting of the Elephant and Castle in South East London some years ago I counted the days of the enquiry down Day1.. Day 2…Day 27? and whilst the jeering youths swaggered up the concourse to the hearing I could not help but feel for the Lawrence’s who were already given a life sentence of regret for the loss of their son, but to have even more nails put into the coffin in this way, must have been horrifying beyond comprehension. Most right minded folk would have pronounced a guilty verdict there and then but due to reasons revealed by the McPherson enquiry this had little hope of happening at that time, but today some have been brought to justice and I hope in due course so will the rest and one day these grieving parents can find peace of mind and heart and continue a little less painful life!

As a white Londoner I remember seeing the grainy old black and white small screened TV as a child and being mesmerised even then aged 5 and compelled to listen to the words of Dr. Martin Luther- King and just one line has held me in good stead till today now aged 53;

…..judge him on the content of his character and not by the color of his skin….

There is only one race the Human Race.. and that is a race we all have to win..Davey 

One thought on “Justice 4 Stephen?

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