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There is a great need for change in the current Child Protection Business… Tens of Thousands of children are ripped from their parents arms and many lives are destroyed every year by Child Protective Services, who many times respond to false allegations and create evidence, in order to receive federally given cash adoption bonuses. And all the while claiming the feel good euphemism, “best interest of the child”… Children rarely need to be protected from their parents, however child protection has become a multi billion dollar business… My objective is to help the public become more aware of this obscene injustice, and unacceptable abuse of power… It is time to start honoring families by putting a stop to legal kidnapping and taking the bounty off our children’s heads. It’s time to start using federal funds to help families that are facing temporary circumstances, instead of destroying them for the sake of feeding the corrupt beast that is, Child Protective Services…

Hello, my name is James Foster.  In 2004, an order was placed for my children by my Aunt, who quite simply and blatantly wanted my children for herself… My three daughters were abducted by Child Protective Services on Sept.5, 2005, and given to my Aunt…This was based on an allegation that I had caused a bruise on my six year old daughters forehead… Not only did I not cause the bruise, but an investigation by CPS  revealed that I worked out of town, and did not even have access to my daughter for 5 days prior to the injury. I was told by the department that their permanency plan was family reunification, and that I would have my children back within thirty days… This was a lie and tactic to keep me from obtaining an attorney.

I later learned that the “service plan” that I successfully completed, which consisted of personal counseling, couple counseling, family counseling, psychological evaluation, drug evaluation, home evaluations, batterer intervention program, anger management program, and parenting classes, was a smoke screen, designed to make it look like they were somehow helping me to become suitable to raise my children, when in actuality, they were using their team of paid professionals to build a case against me…

During this first year in CPS custody they maximized their federal funding by deeming my children “special needs children” by diagnosing them with ADHD and feeding them psychiatric drugs. This way they were able to obtain more federal money… These psychiatric drugs along with the emotional abuse of being ripped away from her parents, and my Aunt and Uncle forcing my kids to call them Mom and Dad, led to Courtney, being admitted into a psychiatric hospital with thoughts of suicide… (Who protects the children, when their God given protectors have been stripped away, and CPS becomes the abuser ?)

This case ended with a “mediated settlement agreement” That took CPS out of the picture, gave my Aunt “PMC,” and gave me a graduated visitation schedule. I agreed on this settlement with the intentions of pursuing to regain full custody with CPS out of the picture… During this time My children made an outcry to me that they were being physically abused by my aunt’s husband and CPS was forced to investigate the integrity of their own placement. CPS’s findings were “no signs of abuse or neglect.” But, I have documented photos, a sheriff’s report an statement from my daughter, that says she was physically held down on a bed and was beaten black and blue, with a belt, while she lay kicking and screaming and with no clothing (or her daddy) to protect her. All for leaving a car door open…

During this time, my Aunt hired her own attorney, took me to court, and tried to have my parental rights terminated on her own. Which had to go before the District Court, not CPS court.  The District Court Judge laughed her out of court… It was now time for me to file my own suit to regain full custody. A glimmer of hope, right? Wrong ! My Aunt saught refuge in her old allies, up and gave my kids back to CPS…

This began the second CPS case, and landed my children in a group home, where they are 5 times more likely to be physically, sexually abused or murdered… Over 1000 children are murdered or die from serious neglect in the guardianship of CPS every year… This also required me to begin a new service plan, and gave CPS a second chance to terminate my parental rights, which was now their permanency plan … How could I have failed as a parent during this time, when the access I had to my children was limited to supervised visitations?

During this time, my visitations were court ordered to take place in a town almost two hours away, however I have documented the violation of these “court orders” by CPS, because the kids were not being brought to these visits about 50% of he time, with no regard to letting me know they were not going to show up…
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During one of these times I spent in the waiting room, another parent shared a seemingly believable story that she knew someone who was able to pay CPS and got their children back… When I inquired about weather this was possible with my case worker, she turned around and filed “Felony Bribery” charges on me, which of course was not what happened… Those charges are still pending…

So now with approximately two months before my “final hearing”, the CPS judge, tells me I have to get another attorney because the one I had was representing myself and my kids mother… I still don’t understand this ruling… However my new attorney who was not familiar with the case was no match for the “State of Texas”, whom I’d like to point out, now had three years to prepare their case. On September 11, 2008, Against my children’s and my will, and by using unlawful tactics, they obtained a verdict terminating my parental rights. The department promptly scheduled what they proudly call a “final visitation.” I have not been allowed to see, talk to, or write my children sense that visit in November 2008…

My case has been in appeal for the last year and a half…We have filed our appeal brief and waited for the state to file theirs, which they finally did in December 2009. The appellant court finally has all they need to make a ruling, however their is no news to date. The basis for our argument is that the court allowed the state to retry the first case even though we had come to a mediated settlement agreement, and the fact that mistreating my children was impossible, when they were not even in my care… 

 As you can see, there are many injustices in my case. But this is not an isolated incident, in fact, it is a world wide political and criminal phenomenon. If you feel compelled to help, and want the appellant court to return my children to me, then please visit my petition sight  above and at…http://

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4 thoughts on “FIGHT TEXAS CPS

  1. The same happened to me! Ridiculous what my ex came up with – reports from hospitals and such.

    Luckily my work place was very supportive, Inter Research in Germany. Recommend that place for anybody that can stick 2 letters together.


  2. these cases are everywhere and need to stop bad people that don’t care is one thing but the rest of us need to stand up and stop the insanity before its to late they lie and they need to stop it if they do so they need to be prosecuted and put in jail cps needs to be stopped we are americans and have rights lets start using them lets pull together and stop this everyone as one we can my email is fell free to contact and lets do something about this mine is Johnson county


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