NSPCC Offers Advice To Parents Concerned About Their Children Being Radicalised

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The NSPCC has just opened a helpline for parents who are worried that their children may be being recruited by Daesh.

Callers have been given training to advise parents on signs to watch for, although the source of the training is unknown. The article does not explain what legal and other forms of advice the charity can offer should a child be preparing to leave for Syria.

The charity does offer this tentative list though, which they say could ‘hint’ at a child being radicalised:

  • Isolating themselves from family and friends
  • Talking as if from a scripted speech
  • Showing increased levels of anger
  • Becoming disrespectful and asking inappropriate questions.

The article outlining the NSPCC’s new initiative (linked to above), also offers case studies of children who left the UK to travel to Syria to join Daesh, and interestingly, sheds light on some of the reasons children chose to…

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Abolish the Family Court? Please explain


The head of Australia’s Family Court has warned against “simplistic” reforms to the troubled system, saying the vast majority of cases are complex and involve family violence, mental health and substance abuse issues. MORE

Abolish the Family Court? Australians get the right idea.https://t.co/3hsa8N64tV via @smh  Tim Haines

Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party is calling for the Family Court to be abolished and replaced with a family tribunal made up of people from “mainstream Australia”.

Chief Justice Diana Bryant.
Chief Justice Diana Bryant. Photo: Jessica Shapiro

“Respected” members of local community, social and health groups would be invited to participate, according to the party’s policy.

Joint custody should be the option of choice, and there should be recognition that “a child’s standard of living following divorce cannot be maintained at pre-divorce levels”, the policy says.

One Nation sentor Pauline Hanson.
One Nation sentor Pauline Hanson. Photo: SBS Publicity

But Chief Justice Diana Bryant told ABC Radio National on Thursday the main issue for the Family Court had been a lack of federal funding to employ new judges, which would tackle the glacial progression of cases.

The funding shortfall has seen waiting times balloon to more than two years; a situation Justice Bryant said was “unacceptable”.

The idea of a tribunal may have some merit for simple matters that did not involve making orders, she said, but could run into constitutional hurdles.

“I’m actually in favour of people putting this on the agenda … but I think we have to be fairly careful about looking for simplistic solutions to complex problems,” she told the ABC.

Newly elected senator Derryn Hinch
Newly elected senator Derryn Hinch Photo: Scott Barbour

The British family court tribunal system is presided over by judges, and members that are non-legal experts in relevant fields, like child psychologists.

One Nation is not the only voice calling for Family Court changes.

Professor Patrick Parkinson, a professor of 
law at the University of Sydney. aus fm
Professor Patrick Parkinson, a professor of law at the University of Sydney. Photo: Supplied

Family violence advocate Rosie Batty, and the Women’s Legal Services Australia in May launched a campaign calling for reforms, including domestic violence training for court staff and judges.

Ms Batty also wants an end to victims, overwhelmingly women, being directly cross-examined by abusers in court.

New senator Derryn Hinch has also called for a senate inquiry into the Family Court and child welfare agencies.

In Australia, only about 5 per cent of Family Court cases make it as far as a trial, but of these, about 85 per cent involve family violence, mental health or substance abuse issues.

Over the past 10 years courts have been dealing with more complex situations which take longer, but in the same period the government had not put more money into courts, said Justice Bryant,

Australia’s family law system is “almost dysfunctional”, with families caught for years in expensive, long-winded battles, says Professor Patrick Parkinson, the former chair of the Family Law Council.

“We desperately need solutions to this problem and we shouldn’t reject them out of hand simply because it’s One Nation,” Professor Parkinson says.

“The easiest thing in the world would be for me to criticise One Nation, everybody does. But let’s look at what they have said.”

Abolishing the Family Court is constitutionally impossible, he says, but an alternative courtroom to deal quickly with property matters, for example, might be a sensible option.

One Nation’s family court policy on child support is clearly influenced by the concerns of men’s and father’s rights organisations, he said.

But a lot of these issues have already been aired in last year’s senate inquiry into child support, and did not need to be rehashed again, he said.

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Give Them Time, They Will Come Around



Once upon a time there lived a family. A kind man married A lovely woman and they had two children.

Sadly not every happy family can make it forever and so, this family began to fall apart when their two children were in their formidable teenage years.

In the early years both children enjoyed a close and loving relationship with both of their parents. However, when the bitterness of divorce began spreading its ugly roots within their once very happy home, the teenage children began to show distain for their father. It was inexplicable the amount of anger and hate these two loving children now held out for their father. On every issue they seemed to solely side with their mother, even the tiniest thing like what to watch on TV or where to go for dinner. If these kids believed that their mother would not like the places or…

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CPS show trials of men (contd.) Tremeloes stars – why did sex case ever come to court? Pop pair cleared of attack on teenage fan 48 years ago say the ordeal has been ‘the worst time of our lives’


Justice for Men & Boys

Our thanks to Francis for this. The feigned surprise of the mainstream media as each new show trial takes place is getting ridiculous. The papers should be demanding that Alison Saunders, Director of Public Prosecutions, be fired, along with her ideologically-driven men-hating officials.

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