Civil Litigation Brief

The Court of Appeal is attempting to deal with a backlog.  The Civil Procedure (Amendment No.3) Rules 2016 come into force on the 3rd October 2016.   The primary change is in relation to the way in which applications for permission to appeal are dealt with in the Court of Appeal.


The key date is the date of the appellant’s appeal notice or the date of request for a review or reconsideration.  The date of the judgment or decision being appealed against is not,therefore, the  key date.


Transitional provision

“16.—(1) Where an appellant’s notice has been issued before 3rd October 2016, the provisions of Part 52 in force immediately before that date continue to apply in relation to that case.
(2) Where a request was made under rule 52.16 before 3rd October 2016 for—

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Do You Trust Family Court to Protect Your Children? If So, Read This!

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If you knew that your adult neighbor had committed sexual misconduct upon his five year old handicapped niece, would you allow your children near his home? If it turned out they became victims, might you be worried about your parental rights for a failure to look into his background?

Well for years in a Syracuse, New York courthouse, children were being ordered to appear in chambers without parental supervision to interact with a family judge who committed this very misconduct. There is no way of knowing how his proclivities may have impaired his judgments and custody orders, but unlike the “kids for cash” scandal in Pennsylvania, resulting in 4,000 reversed juvenile convictions, there was no similar review or remedy here.

You really have to stop and grasp this reality because our third branch of government has generally received the highest public trust, even presiding over disputes and crimes of our…

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Your Professional Documentary Can Have Profound Impact: Order it at Leon

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We will come to your city or town, investigate your court ordeal and produce a book or documentary that may get you justice. At the very least it could be made part of a formal complaint to authorities and made viral on our network of sites nationally. Think about it. These commissions and agencies generally respond only to mainstream media, high profile matters or violent events. What about the rest of us? What about you?

It’s a new and proven approach for exposing misconduct. Sponsored by the Parenting Rights Institute, your case will be reviewed by a constitutional law expert with over 25 years experience as a trial attorney in federal and state courts. Dr. Leon Koziol has taken aim at corrupt politicians, lawyers and even judges removed from cases or the bench altogether.

Joining him is Tamara Sweeney, a parent alienation victim and crusader for justice. They…

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Three Parental Rights Cases considered by Supreme Court at same time today

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By Dr. Leon Koziol, Director

Parenting Rights Institute

But is access to our nation’s highest court illusory for the vast majority of us?

That is among the questions posed before the Supreme Court today in a mandamus action entitled Leon Koziol v United States District Court for the Northern District of New York being considered on the same day as two other parental rights cases. In another mandamus action, Marbury v Madison, 5 US 137 (1803), the Supreme Court rendered one of its most controversial decisions in which it seized the power to interpret our Constitution and thereby set itself up potentially as a super-branch of government.

The Marbury case has held up to the present day despite much criticism from the likes of Thomas Jefferson and Franklin Roosevelt. But the chance for an average citizen to obtain such an interpretation is next to zero. That is because…

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Who wants to be a YouTube Hero?

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Blimey ~ just checked this out ~ i might be a trusted flagger ~ gonna try n learn to maximize potential.  I could make a coarse rhyme bout AngelaPowerDisney, but i’ll leave that for McKenzieDevils.

Since almost the very beginning of the Hampstead SRA hoax, a major problem has been the massive proliferation of Hoaxtead-related videos on YouTube. Volunteers have devoted hundreds of hours to the…

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