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 Family Court Injustice has been documenting historical events and real life stories of children stolen from their families by unjust courts or through government and judicial policies and/or abuses of power. This article about the Lebensborn Program (1935-1945), Nazi Occupied Europe gives a glimpse into the Nazi eugenics program to create a “master race” that also included kidnapping and murder in it’s policies. 

“Lebensborn” meaning “fount of life” was a secret program implemented by the Nazis (1935-1945) with the goal of engineering a “master race”. Another part of Lebensborn included ridding the population of those considered “unwanted” or “subhuman” to further the Aryan race. The official purpose of Lebensborn was the “preservation and promotion of racially valuable Germanic hereditary property”.

Part I of the Lebensborn series includes information on women selected as “racially pure” who were chosen to bear children with SS officers and other Nazi officials. Most…

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Attorney’s Fees Award Reduced in Memphis Child Custody Dispute: Coleman v. Coleman

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Knoxville divorce lawyersFacts: Mother and Father divorced in 2003. Father had regular, unsupervised parenting time with their children.

In 2006, Mother petitioned to modify the parenting plan and temporarily suspend Father’s parenting time because Mother alleged Father was addicted to drugs and alcohol. She also requested recovery of her reasonable attorney’s fees and expenses.

After discovery had been completed and the case scheduled to proceed to trial, Mother’s legal expenses totaled $16,277. During discovery, Father admitted abusing alcohol and drugs. Father proposed a settlement that was rejected by Mother.

Mother changed lawyers. The trial was subsequently continued at various times at the request of both parties.

Additional discovery took place, during which Father admitted he continued to abuse alcohol and drugs. Despite these admissions, Mother continued to incur substantial private investigator fees to survey Father and report on his alcohol use. The parties then entered into a settlement agreement, which was…

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The Return of the Round-up!

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UnknownAfter a brief hiatus, the Human Rights Round-up is back. Our new team of expert summarisers – Hannah Lynes, Alex Wessely and Laura Profumo – is installed and ready to administer your regular dose of UK human rights news.

This week, Hannah reports on the Global Law Summit, access to justice, and what’s happening in the courts.

In the News

‘If you wrap yourself in the Magna Carta…you are inevitably going to look ridiculous if you then throw cold water on an important part of its legacy.’ Lord Pannick QC was not alone last week (23-28th February) in suggesting that there was some irony in Lord Chancellor Chris Grayling evoking the spirit of the Magna Carta at his launch of the three-day Global Law Summit.

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Helen Grant MP ~ newsletter@helengrant.org.uk

Hello again

I am delivering a small magazine called ‘My Plan’ across the Constituency in the coming days .  It sets out some of my achievements over the past 5 years and my pledges if re-elected as your MP for the next 5 years.

I hope you receive your copy soon but  in the meantime click here if you would like to download a copy. 

By all means forward this to your friends or send me their email addresses by return and I will write to them personally.

Very best wishes

The Question “Why Me?”

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Whether it is ourselves or circumstances; I believe that this question is the most asked question that we all have.  Why is that?  Why should I or anybody else care? Why not me?  Most of the time, the question is associated with self pity.  It seeks out sympathy and attention.

Miley Cyrus; not a fan; has a lyric in a song that states “Why me – try me.”

Take helplessness out of the equation.  Also take entitlement out of the equation.  The world is not interested in either.  In the evaluation of “why me;” here are some other questions:

  • Who did you piss off?
  • Did your name just happen to come up? Who knows?
  • If your name just happened to come up, so what?  If so what; who cares?

Rather than ask, why not act like you have been chosen.  Think about this.  Try to provoke your own thought. If it was…

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Minding the empathy gap: mapping the world of the alienated child

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One of the more complicated pieces of work that we do at the Family Separation Clinic is assist parents in hybrid cases of alienation to repair their relationship with their children.  These cases are sometimes presented as being not parental alienation but justified rejection because the children involved can talk about the things that a parent has done which have caused their withdrawal and these things, are indeed often observable in the parent.  These cases are however within the alienation spectrum because the child involved has utilised the coping mechanism of complete rejection of a parent in order to deal with the dilemma that they face.

I have said before and it is worth repeating today, children do not use the coping mechanism of complete rejection of a parent unless they are in a position where they have no other option but to do so. This situation can arise because…

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