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in the club

There was something that struck me right between the eyes while being interviewed by Eddie this week; when he asked me why I stayed or went back, the answer I gave sounded so feeble. Even as I was saying it I was thinking, “This answer is so inadequate, it sounds weak, feeble.” I think Eddie said something like, “I hear the things he did and can’t help but wonder why you would stay”. That is not a direct quote but you get the idea.

The thing is, I KNOW it sounds crazy that I would stay 10 years with someone who I suspect was having my vehicles stolen, sabotaging my vehicles and physically and mentally abusing me. What normal healthy person would stay with someone like that? To say he denied doing it, sounds feeble; who wouldn’t deny it? To say I loved him sounds really feeble because how can…

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Stop Trying to Fix what is Broken…

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It’s difficult isn’t it?

Trying not to do something… especially once you’ve started doing it, whether physically or mentally. Many actions take place in the mind, more than in physical reality. It’s easier to stop doing the physical stuff, than the mental stuff. If the mental stuff is directing the physical… once you start doing something… it’s a ‘mare to stop!

And if your emotions are involved in your mental stuff… stuff is going to just keep happening and going and happening because it just can’t stop itself or you or others.


“I took the other road, all right, but only because it was the easy road for me, the way I wanted to go. If I’ve encountered some unnecessary resistance that’s because most of the traffic is going the other way.”
― Edward Abbey


I once read somewhere that the mind can’t process negatives.

My mind found…

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10 things you will need to survive your divorce (with dignity and grace)

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Divorce is one of the most significant grief events many of us will ever suffer.  Is it any wonder then, that during divorce, good people suddenly seem to be mad?

As a Divorce Lawyer I have seen it all. People who in any other situation are entirely ‘normal’ all of a sudden turn into crazy versions of themselves- acting in ways even they would never expect.  Heartbreak does this to us.  Love is a roller coaster of exhilarating highs and sometimes the lowest of lows.

Most people experiencing divorce say they ‘just want it to be over’. What they are really saying is that they want the feelings and emotions to have passed. So if you are thinking of divorce here are 10 things you will need to get you through and out the other side in one piece-

1.  A ‘glass half full’ attitude-      

    If ever there was a…

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Tory Newspeak?

On the one hand………..

Government targets six-figure public sector payoffs

The Queen's Speech last year
The Government will announce plans to curb public sector payouts in the Queen’s Speech. Credit: REUTERS/Suzanne Plunkett

The Government is ready to act to end six-figure “golden parachutes” for high-earning public sector bosses who are made redundant.

The Queen’s Speech next week will include legislation to enact the Conservatives’ general election manifesto pledge to cap the amount public sector employees can receive if they lose their jobs.

Chancellor George Osborne said “it was not fair that hard-working people see taxes used for these massive payouts for people who leave the public sector.”

According to officials, more than 1,800 public sector employees received pay-offs of more than £100,000 in 2013.

The Government will consult on the detail – including whether it will cover the BBC – but ministers are said to be “minded” to set the cap at £95,000.

Last updated Sat 23 May 2015

On the other hand…. 

Child protection boss paid off with £134k after failing to speak out about abuse by Pakistani gangs is rehired as a consultant within 24 hours on £1k a DAY

    • Deputy children’s commissioner Sue Berelowitz criticised for not speaking out about sexual abuse by British Pakistani gangs
    • She took voluntary redundancy from her £99,333-a-year post on April 30 and received a pay-off worth £134,000
    • But the next day she was rehired to lead inquiry into family child abuse that she had been in charge of in her former role
    • A controversial child protection chief has quit her job with a six-figure payoff – only to be immediately rehired on almost £1,000 a day.

      Deputy children’s commissioner Sue Berelowitz, who was criticised for failing to speak out about sexual abuse by British Pakistani gangs, took voluntary redundancy from her £99,333-a-year post on April 30.

      She received a pay-off worth £134,000. But the next day she was rehired as a consultant, leading an inquiry into family child abuse that she had been in charge of in her former role.

      The 61-year-old will be paid £960 a day under the new deal and will work for up to nine days a month. It means she will earn almost the same amount as she had been as a full-time employee – for much less work.

      Last night, as MPs and victims’ groups described the deal as scandalous, the Treasury launched an inquiry into how it was agreed.

    • Deputy Children’s Commissioner Sue Berelowitz >>>>>>(pictured) took voluntary redundancy from her £99,333-a-year post on April 30
      The case illustrated the revolving door culture in Whitehall, the NHS and local councils in which employees their jobs and receive large pay offs, only to be taken back on – often by the same organisation.
    • The Chancellor last night pledged to crack down on the abuse, putting an upper cap of £95,000 on the amount of redundancy that can be paid.

      Keith Vaz, the former head of the Commons home affairs select committee, said the payoff received by Miss Berelowitz was ‘totally unacceptable’.

      He added: ‘There is no justification for a public official to receive such a huge sum of money to then continue to do the same work.’ A Treasury spokesman added: ‘It’s wrong for someone to take redundancy payments then be immediately rehired as an external consultant.’

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