“The failures of family court are creating a human rights crisis…” Letter Submitted to Info Wars E-Mail Campaign

Family Court Injustice

My letter to Lee Ann McAdoo of Info Wars

Hello Lee Ann,

I am writing to ask you to please do a weekly segment on the subject of systemic failures, and Constitutional violations occurring in family court (and CPS).

I am writing to ask you this as a mother who has been affected by family court injustice, and because there is a great need to raise awareness. I have been involved in family court litigation for 11 years with an abusive, personality-disordered (confirmed by court psych eval) ex. I fled the relationship after an act of domestic violence left me, and my two children, homeless. Incredibly the abuser later filed for sole custody.. and through a series of illegal, unethical and Unconstitutional court actions I not only lost custody of my children but serious allegations of child abuse have also been covered up.

At the time of the court order…

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Depression and Anxiety in Cardiac Disease

Parental Alienation

Depression and anxiety disorders are common and persistent—and they have a lasting impact on quality of life, functioning, and cardiac health. In this article, we review the associations between negative psychological states and cardiovascular health, the physiologic and health behavior mechanisms that may mediate these relationships, ways to diagnose depression and anxiety disorders, and safe and effective treatments for these disorders.


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Parental Alienation

I’ve been told that people in situations like mine often ‘obsess’ about what has happened to them for a long time.  It’s a way to untangle the brainwashing.  Apparently it is indeed healthy to think about this morning, noon, and night.  This process helps restore your mind.

I question everything.  I question what people have said.  What their motives are.  Why they have those motives.  And how I should respond to best fit the person who I am.  I’m used to going along with whatever is said because it’s easier.  I have to be able to know what I feel about something before I agree.  Agreeing doesn’t mean you’re being polite and nice, it means you think along the same lines.  I have to figure out those lines.

“Calling the insurance company is very difficult.  I’ll swing by your place on Monday at three p.m. to help you do it.”…

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Parental Alienation

Sometimes I know I have been dreaming of my mom even if I can’t remember.  My sisters, my aunt.  Carcasses in oversized sweaters.

My dad told me about his family for the first time.  I had heard bits and pieces from others who knew more, but never from him.  His mom had him when she was a teenager and didn’t really want him.  She left him in a supermarket.  She didn’t reach for him when he sank in a swimming pool.  His brothers: schizophrenia, bipolar, one suicided. Scattered throughout the country.  His father was an alcoholic.  Biologically, I am the end of the line.

My dad told me a story about my sister (his step daughter) in great detail.  He told me he was in the station wagon with her and they were driving around the neighborhood where we used to live.  He said it was dark and that they…

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