The Quintessential Woman: Where is she today?

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Are you struggling to find or keep a partner in your marriage or personal life? As part of our series of shocking videos that exposes corruption in divorce and family courts, Dr. Leon Koziol, Director of the Parenting Rights Institute, has taken a lighter side to the nationwide reform effort. If you love your children and find yourself victimized by lawyers, judges or the dating world, this video is for you. It is dedicated to one of our Facebook followers who left us a unique message. You will have to find out what that was and why Leon has now responded by unveiling his version of the “Quintessential Woman.”

Through this video, Leon is recommending a common sense approach for putting divorce lawyers out of business so that you and your children will not go bankrupt in these courts. It focuses on relationships between men and women, traditional values that…

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News: Retired police officer Gordon Anglesea convicted of sex abuse offences 22 years after recovering libel damages for allegations of paedophilia

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angleseaOn 21 October 2016, retired police chief superintendent and former libel litigant Gordon Anglesea was convicted of historic allegations of child sex abuse.  He was convicted of indecently assaulting one man when he was a boy at a house in Mold in the 1980s.  

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A discussion with a representative from Women Against Rape – tonight, 9pm

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Yesterday we posted a piece about a document published by Women Against Rape (WAR). It clearly encouraged women to try to pervert the court of justice, a criminal offence.

Tonight at 9pm I’ll be having a discussion with a woman working for WAR, on The Edward Adoo Show on BBC Three Counties Radio (Beds, Herts & Bucks). You’ll be able to listen to the programme live online.

Following Ched Evans’s acquittal, the question being discussed will be:

Is it right to use sexual history as evidence in court?

I’m told the discussion will last until 9:15, then the lines opened for a phone-in until 9:30. It would be good to have J4MB supporters phone in. Thank you.

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Top banks preparing to leave UK in 2017 over Brexit, British Bankers’ Association says

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Latest update : 2016-10-23

Big international banks are preparing to move some of their operations out of Britain in early 2017 due to the uncertainty over the country’s future relationship with the European Union, a top banking official said.

Writing in the Observer newspaper, Anthony Browne, the chief executive of lobby group the British Bankers’ Association, said the public and political debate was “taking us in the wrong direction” and businesses could not wait until the last minute.

“Most international banks now have project teams working out which operations they need to move to ensure they can continue serving customers, the date by which this must happen, and how best to do it,” said Browne.

“Their hands are quivering over the relocate button. Many smaller banks plan to start relocations before Christmas; bigger banks are expected to start in…

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