ITV – Single Mums As ‘Benefits Scroungers’

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In a documentary showing tonight, ITV will be looking at what life is really like for single parents on benefits. 

The programme, entitled “Single Mums On Benefits”, aims to highlight the myths surrounding single mothers and fathers, tackle stigmas associated with being a single parent and to celebrate mums and dads giving everything they have to raise their children.

Pioneering lone fathers charity DadsHouse also features in the programme as well as a collective of fathers talking about what life has been like for them raising children on their own.

The programme airs tonight at 9pm, on ITV.


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Alienated child begs for more time at Dad’s home – Alienated Family Members

For an Alienating Mother allowing her child to spend 30 min longer at Dad’s home to play with her friends is reasonable. As usual mom tried to deny the extra time, but when backed into the corner she pulls through with a “slur” in her voice to allow her prisoner 30 more min, however when you factor in the 15 min commute from Dad’s home to Mom’s, it’s only 15 min of play time.

Now lets refresh this class of Alienating parents on “reasonable” parenting behaviour. 30 min more at Dad’s home, when your not going to see your Dad for another 7 days, this is not reasonable access to the Father. But it is the power and control of a bias court order which gives the mother an ability to treat the child and Father like her prisoners.

Reasonable is saying to your child be home by 9, or “since your having so much fun, how about Dad takes you to school tomorrow and I will see you after”


Common Behaviours of Alienators

– Refusing to acknowledge that the child has personal property and denying the child control over taking personal possessions to the other parent’s home;
– Rigid enforcement of the visitation schedule for no good reason other than getting back at the ex-spouse;
– Assuming the ex-spouse is dangerous because he or she had made threats in the past during an argument;
– False allegations of sexual abuse, drug and alcohol use or other illegal activities by the other parent;
– Asks the children to choose one parent over the other;

The message to all these tactics is that one parent is superior and the other is not, and therefore, should not be valued in the child’s life. The alienating parent is not being an appropriate gatekeeper for the child to see the absent parent. Over time, the child is given the message that one parent is superior to the other. Each parent is given the responsibility to promote a positive relationship with the other parent. When this principle is violated in the context of blocking access on a consistent basis, one can assume that Criteria I has been unmistakably identified

Simply put, an Alienating parent is often controlling and operates with the adage, “My way or the highway.” If the children disobey, especially in expressing positive approval for the absent parent, the consequences can be very serious.

Family Law Sault Ste Marie Ontario 94/09 order of Justice Melanie Dunn dated May 2013,  helping to Alienate Dad, aiding Mom to abuse child.

April 13 2016

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More insight into the mind of an Alienator

Dad trying to be included

June 2015 child asks for Equality

May 2015 Child late Alienator calls Police

May 2014 Mother can’t share

April 4/2016 Audio of Father and Child 

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It’s About Resources NOT Racism!

As my Track record on Facebook will show as well as other social media activity I have spent many years fighting for Social Justice ,  from Family Court and later in all aspects of justice around the world.I am not racist in any aspect of life rather I sign up to Live and Let Live and above all in PEACE!

There is only one RACE the human Race and that is a RACE we all need to WIN!

Politician’s will not talk honestly about the EU referendum as it takes them into this forbidden territory but the facts are that the UK has not the resources to provide a free health care and benefits to the whole of mainland Europe let alone borders beyond, and past immigration has put a drain on these resources whilst funds have been  HAEMORRHAGING   out of the Bank of England to fund the misdirected experiment

Blood hemerageing from UK photo: Blood blobar.gif administered in Frankfurt and Brussels. Pensioners are being put to the back of the line for medical care they have paid into for over decades including many much needed immigrants that  provided essential services post World War Two. We would also be in a better position to deal with genuine asylum seekers .

Sign the petition: fully fund free childcare places in the UK!

Tell the Government to properly fund free childcare places



Nurseries are closing because of the underfunding of the free nursery hours. We can’t allow this to happen. We can’t put the future of our children at risk.

In the UK, it is Government policy that children aged 3 and 4 receive free childcare (570 hours per year, per child). The Government gives grants to approved childcare providers. However, these grants do not cover the costs of this childcare — and this is putting services at risk.

You can help ensure quality child care for our little ones. Please sign my petition to save our nurseries!

Childcare providers across the UK have been left in an unsustainable position, as recent rates for 3 and 4 year old funding (grants) were announced just days before the new financial year. In the majority of cases, the rates announced — already inadequate to cover the cost of funded places — remain flat. In some cases, funding has even decreased, leaving nurseries struggling to provide quality childcare for children.

Our little ones and the loving caregivers who look after them need your help. Ask the Government to properly fund free childcare places.

Thank you,

Karen H.
Care2 Member
Bournemouth, UK


Does Lego Have A Moral Responsibility To Children?

childmm Lego action figures

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Welcome to another week.

Ahead of International Children’s Day on 1st June, a day which looks to highlight the well being of children, we thought we would share an interesting post published over at Today’s Parent.

The post is entitled “Has Lego Become Too Violent?” and questions the company’s motivations for significantly increasing their production of Lego brick weaponry over time. The article was a response to a recent piece of research from the University of Cantebury in New Zealand, which suggests that the company are manufacturing more violent toys: Weaponry is now included in 30% of their Lego kits, and 40% of its catalogue pages include scenes of threatening behaviour, battles and fighting.

Lego say they are simply reacting to demand.

Our question then, is just this: do children’s toy companies have a moral obligation to society at large to ensure their products are not violent, or do parents hold the…

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You robbed Me of my Son whom you worked hard to undone you rendered him unable

Canada Family Law Parental Alienation Justice Court

You robbed me of my son,Devil judge photo: judge haha.gif
An act so cruel, its second to none.
A plight that should be experienced by none
you claim I didn’t sign consent..
you and I both know its utter nonsense.
As it is void of any semblance of common sense
Since the day you took my son,
I have not been able to have any fun.
Worse yet, from my own family you had me shunned.

You robbed me of my son,
yet when I protest you pulled out your big guns
did you really expect me to run?
Hear this! your lies, your guise, your guns and allies,
are no match for the power of my love for my son.
I will fight you until my days are done.
and you will never ever win! as your bulbs are too dim-
darken by evil, greed, corruption and a not so well masked lunacy

You robbed me of my son,
but look at you! no dignity, devoid of integrity,
and as always, questionable credibility.
You robbed me of my son, only as a favour to your evil friends
You may appear to be bold, but you only make my blood run cold
yea, cause you really have no soul,
this, in the ancient book was foretold

You robed me of my son,crying boy photo: crying IntoYourHands_patao.gif
whom you worked hard to undone,
you rendered him unable,
just so the evil deeds of your brethren will seem like a fable
I pray God shows no mercy on you,

You robbed me of my son,
That is not much fun, and note,
I am not talking in pun
I want you to know, you are no match for the power of my love for son.
You cannot steal, lie, threaten, intimidate or bully me
in hopes that I relinquish my love for my son, this is not an option.
Though I may illustrate it in a caption
My love for my child is never manipulatable
Not even if you attend another one of your round table

You robbed me of my son,
and left me stunned,
And yea, you laughed and said, “Oh, she is beguiled”
But did you consider that I planned on hanging on for a long, long while?
over my wonderful son I will always dote-
even when I find it hard to cope.
and guess what? I will never resort to dope,
unlike you, I do have hope.
My love for my son is everlasting, and that is why I go on a fasting
My love for my son is more than my love for me, so look out! cause I will never flee,
until my son returns to me, I will never be free, nor will thee.
Devil judge photo: judge judge.jpgYou robbed me of my son, and prevented me from seeing much sun,
you and your outrageous blunder, my family you put asunder,
Do you think from you I could be scold?
only when Lucifer crib becomes freezing cold!
you are worth less than a dirty old whore,
and especially one who is too dazed to keep proper score
I will fight you until you are no more
and you cant come knocking on my door
cause I don’t associate with kids pimping whores
but for sure things will get nasty.
eventually you will end up going crazy,
lets face it, you are already hazy.
You are evil, mean, and downright dirty.
Do you really think I would attend your toxic party?
Only if I do not intend to remain hearty



You robbed me of my son,
hoping that I would be over, out and done,
this will never become.. so to hell with you and your evil friends,
in the pits of hell you will all burn!

By: anonymous.

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