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Protest against Children and family services is hosting the event for final adoption.

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Sir Bob Geldof ~ Please Help Us Resolve this Once & For ALL!

Bob Geldof attacks family court over treatment of Peaches

and Fifi: Singer says rulings made it impossible to take care

of his children after he split from Paula Yates 


Mother-of-two Peaches, 25, died from a heroin overdose in April, while 31-year-old Fifi revealed a lifelong struggle with depression, drugs and alcohol in August.

Now, Boomtown Rats singer Geldof, 63, has claimed the courts made it impossible for him to take care of his daughters following his separation from their mother, Paula Yates, in 1995.

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Family: Bob Geldof with his then-wife Paula Yates with their daughters Fifi (left) and Peaches (centre) in 1989

Family man: (From left) Fifi, adopted daughter Tiger Lily, Pixie and Peaches with their father Bob in London in October 2005

Judges ruled that their mother should take the children with her, leaving Geldof only permitted to see them once a fortnight at the start. He said he was ‘ruined’ when he was left by Yates.

Geldof told  Saga Magazine: ‘I blame the entire family court system for so much of their subsequent pain. All I wanted was to see my kids 50 per cent of the time.

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Geldof blames courts for daughters’ pain

Michael Hutchence and Paula Yates

Bob Geldof blames Britain’s family courts for the emotional pain endured by his daughter Peaches, who died of a heroin overdose in April, and Fifi, who has recently revealed her battle with depression and alcohol abuse.   The Times Story

The singer said that the courts made it impossible for him to take care of his children after he parted from their mother, Paula Yates, in 1995.


Bob Geldof talks to Saga Magazine

By Mark Ellen, Tuesday 21 October 2014

The death of Peaches Geldof and the confession of sister Fifi of her battles with depression, drink and drugs has propelled Bob Geldof into the limelight, 30 years since Band Aid made him a household name for all the right reasons. Here he blames the family court system for failing his children and of the near-literal heartbreak he suffered when Paula Yates left him. Exclusive by Mark Ellen.
 Father and daughter: Sir Bob Geldof and Peaches Geldof at London Fashion Week in February 2009 Bob Geldof with his daughters Pixie (left) and Peaches (right) plus their half-sister Tiger Lily (right; front) and Bob's godson Lewis in London in December 2003 Bob Geldof with daughters Peaches (middle) and Pixie (right) and a Labrador dog in 1996

Bob wrote a bestselling memoir and continued campaigning tirelessly to help release the worst-hit African countries from their crippling debts and to feed and clothe their destitute communities. This he achieved by working at the highest possible level, addressing the world’s news cameras alongside such masters of the universe as Nelson Mandela, Bill Clinton, Tony Blair and George W Bush.

But his own fortunes were about to turn around, and in the most catastrophic and over-publicised manner imaginable. His by-then wife Paula Yates left him for the dissolute Australian INXS star Michael Hutchence, and took their three daughters with her (to add to the chaos she then discovered her father was not Jess Yates, the TV presenter of Stars on Sunday, but the gameshow host Hughie Green). Hutchence killed himself and Paula died of a drug overdose three years later, in 2000, at the age of 41.


Vote all you want. The secret government won’t change

Originally posted on Starship Earth: The Big Picture:

The people we elect aren’t the ones calling the shots, says Tufts University’s Michael Glennon

By Jordan Michael Smith | OCTOBER 19, 2014


THE VOTERS WHO put Barack Obama in office expected some big changes. From the NSA’s warrantless wiretapping to Guantanamo Bay to the Patriot Act, candidate Obama was a defender of civil liberties and privacy, promising a dramatically different approach from his predecessor.

But six years into his administration, the Obama version of national security looks almost indistinguishable from the one he inherited. Guantanamo Bay remains open. The NSA has, if anything, become more aggressive in monitoring Americans. Drone strikes have escalated. Most recently it was reported that the same president who won a Nobel Prize in part for promoting nuclear disarmament is spending up to $1 trillion modernizing and revitalizing America’s nuclear weapons.

Why did the face in the Oval…

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Canadian Terror Wave: a Modern-Day Gladio

Originally posted on Starship Earth: The Big Picture:

If you haven’t seen yesterday’s video roundup of Ottawa Shooting videos from the truther community, you can find them here. -LW

 As warned, after multiple staged incidents used to ratchet up fear and paranoia in the build-up to US and its allies’ military intervention in Syria and Iraq, at least two live attacks have now been carried out in Canada – precisely as they were predicted. 

The first attack involved a deadly hit-and-run that left one Canadian soldier dead. AP would report in its article, “Terrorist ideology blamed in Canada car attack,” that: 

A young convert to Islam who killed a Canadian soldier in a hit-and-run had been on the radar of federal investigators, who feared he had jihadist ambitions and seized his passport when he tried to travel to Turkey, authorities said Tuesday.

The second, most recent attack, involved a shooting in Ottawa injuring several and…

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Government Passes Anti-Constitutional Surveillance Law During Ottawa Shooting

Originally posted on FreeThePressCanada:

A terrible tragedy befell the nation’s capital yesterday, when a shooter opened fire at government sites in Ottawa. A full investigation must begin to assemble the details, as the flames of hysteria are fanned in the public consciousness. The words “terror” and “terrorism” have been tossed around so casually, that nowadays any hardened criminal would classify as a terrorist according to the Harper Government and mainstream news sources. For that matter, political activists who take issue with the government’s policies at home and abroad are referenced in the same manner.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, social media is rife with suspicion that this horrendous event may represent a false flag operation, to assist the government’s dismantling of civil liberty and human rights in the name of war, profit, political posturing and public control.

That’s not to say this wasn’t an act of terrorism. Maybe it was, but surely…

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Is Dave an EU Appeaser or Will He Fight for Britain?

Originally posted on Guy Fawkes' blog:

The EU this morning orders Britain to pay a £1.7 billion “prosperity tax” within weeks, while France and Germany receive massive rebates. A continental source gloats to the Telegraph: “there is nothing Britain can do about it”. That isn’t true: Dave can refuse to pay, tell Brussels to deal with it and then see what they do. It’s our money, the PM has to say “no, no, no”.

Nigel Farage is already on the case: “The EU is like…

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