The Little Book – Keep Calm and Keep Them Occupied!

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We came across The Little Book a couple of years ago and were astounded to discover a treasure trove of activities, information and engaging commentary for families and their children. And now we’re sharing it with you.

If you’re not familiar with The Little Book, it might just become your new best friend in the next five minutes.  Spanning several counties, including Berkshire, Surrey, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire, The Little Book offers tons of ideas on where to take your Mini Me’s, all beautifully and neatly organised on their online site. There’s even an on-site directory giving you links to party cakes, babysitters, brilliant days out and beyond….

And if you’re not sure about that new restaurant, or want to know if a venue is family friendly, then their Reviews section is your go-to page for all you need to know.

Being that time of year, The Little Book is something…

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Children’s Rights, Views and Interests Are Still not On the Government’s Agenda, New Report Claims

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Hot off the Voice of the Child Conference, and now numerous statements from government officials looking to prioritise children in family proceedings, comes a report which claims that children’s interests are still not fully fixed on the government’s agenda.

Written by Dr Julia Brophy, Kate Perry, Alison Prescott and Christine Renouf, in conjunction with NYAS and the Association of Lawyers for Children, it aims to balance media access with the Voice of the Child.

The report highlights the need to ensure children’s privacy is safeguarded during the court process, at a time when more transparency is called for both within the family justice system and by the media at large. In it, the report suggests that Parliament should be able to scrutinise media access in such cases.

There are other suggestions, too. In relation to the current policy which is moving towards including Young people’s views, the authors argue that a…

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CHILDREN TO BE HEARD? Open Letter to the Minister of State for Justice and Civil Liberties

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English: Anti-paedophilia logo from the Nation...
English: Anti-paedophilia logo from the National Revival of Poland (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dear Rt Hon Simon Hughes MP


I was so delighted by your announcement regarding children to be heard that I published it on one of my blogs: No Punishment without Crime.

However, as Goethe said in Faust: The message well I hear, my faith alone is weak.

This is illustrated by the video that I was sent on the same day and that you will see on the post above: your announcement is too little too late in my view.

I asked all MPs who had not committed themselves to the National Inquiry into Organised Child Sexual Abuse: Do you want to stop child snatching and paedophile scandals? Everybody Knows!

For the violation of the UN Convention on Child Rights is institutionalised:

  1. Weare concerned about the children who don’t get heard in PUBLIC law…

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Urgent Petition – Please sign and Share! Thank you!!!

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Though I am the Sole Legal and Residential Custodial Parent, and primary caretaker for all of our son’s life, and there are no findings against me, I have been denied all contact, including email or phone for nearly one half a year.

The court has failed to follow the recommendations of the forensic psychologist to treat what it found to be “Pathological Parental Alienation”, including the treatment plan and holding the alienating parent accountable. Rather than admit this grave error, the court has found it easier to blame me for the consequences of failing to follow the 604.b evaluation recommendations.

We have been accepted to Dr. Warshak/Dr. Randy Rand’s successful “Family Bridges” program twice. Yet the Child Representative in this case, while paying lip-service to wanting to help the relationship with my son…

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