Petition: Reunite Ashya With His Parents

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A petition started by Ethan Dallas, a friend of the Kings to reunite Ashya with his mother and father has so far garnered over 69,000 signatures (including our own), such is the palpable feeling of an entire nation (and beyond) on the issue.

It is an elegant and eloquent petition. Ethan does not blame the police or the hospital for their actions. He does not address the technicalities behind the arrest warrant (these things after all, cannot just be waved aside – there is a complex and fiddly procedure to them). He is simply petitioning to ensure that Ashya is reunited with his parents during what must be a frightening and lonely experience for a five-year old boy – being in a foreign land, in hospital, without his mummy and daddy.

That has of course been our central concern here at Researching Reform, but unlike the poised and graceful wording…

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Who Protects Children

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Fourteenth Ward Industrial School 256-258 Mott Street   Mark Sullivan
Fourteenth Ward Industrial School
256-258 Mott Street Mark Sullivan

With summer coming to an end, as signified by the Labor Day Holiday our thoughts are turned toward the return of our children to school.  FYI will have a special edition this week.


An over view of legislation directed toward children in America.

Pre-19th century

The history of youth rights in the United States ranges from the earliest years of European settlements on North AmericaPoor children were routinely and legally indentured incolonial New England by the “poor laws.” In 1676 Nathan Knight, an eight-year-old boy, was apprenticed to a mason, “bound… to serve and abide the full space and term of twelve years and five months.” Provided food, shelter and clothes in exchange for his labor, the boy was not allowed to leave his master until he was 21 years old.[2]


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Well, How Very Clever!: Ebola for the Oil Companies! – EbolaGate

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This article suggests that Ebola is being used to gain control of oil-rich countries. What do you think? -LW

VANCOUVER, BC – “Patricia Doyle, Ph.D. compared the ebola outbreak with known oil and gas reserves. She says that local fishermen had been complaining that there were no fish along the African littoral. Now, that problem could be eliminated–and not with more fish!!! Amazing what researchers can find when they actually do research!”

Full Story.

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Thanks for the ((ALERT)) Mr. Cameron but maybe it is YOU who is the TERRORIST!


Cameron holsThanks for the warning Mr Cameron, but don’t you think the victims of 911 would have called in sick if they knew that was the day terrorists may strike, as would the victims of 7/7 who could have cought an alternative bus or train?images (34)

NO the real terrorists are those who condone the Family justice system in it’s present form, as this has a far wider ranging effect on children,families and society as a whole.
Parents should not be faced with adversary Family Court, but an independent concertary proccess where money is not the prime mover !
How can it be right that the same incompitent social workers involved with Baby P, Victoria Climbe or SkeletonsKhyra Ishaq should determin what is right for families in Court and how does a council such as Rotterham discrimnate against foster parents because they vote UKIP whilst allowing at least 1400 kids to be abused under their watch. I believe there is a skeleton in ALL council offices throughout the land and beyond our shores!
When I first became involved in Family Justice it was as a result of being treated shabilly in Family Court with no point of redress within the sercret world that the press and public have no access to scrutinise, yet this is only the very tip of the iceberg in a Family Law and Child Welfare Industry that has proven to be a real golden goose for Governments yet is a taboo to investigative journalists who, if only one had the courage, could blow the lid on this whole can of corrupt worms! 




Mike Buchanan’s discussions on London Live TV, 22 August

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Nine days ago I was involved in four discussions over the course of six hours at London Live TV. One of the shorter ones has been lost to posterity, but the other three have been captured in a video sequence lasting about 24 minutes. It’s just been posted to our YouTube channel along with some background information, and the start times of the three discussions. Could you please leave any comments there rather than here. Thank you.

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Badgers’ expectations dashed

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BadgerR (o.t.a. Badger Trust) v. SoS for Environment and Rural Affairs, Kenneth Parker J, Admin Ct, 29 August 2014 read judgement

This blog has covered the various twists and turns, both scientific and legal, of Defra’s attempts to reduce bovine TB by culling badgers: see the list of posts below. Today’s decision in the Administrative Court is the most recent.

You may remember a pilot cull in Somerset and Gloucester took place in 2013-14. Its target was to remove at least 70% of the badger population. By that standard, it failed massively. In March 2014, an Independent Expert Panel (IEP) concluded that in terms of effectiveness, shooting badgers removed less than 24.8% in Somerset and less than 37.1% in Gloucestershire. As for humaneness, something between 7.4% and 22.8% of badgers shot were still alive after 5 min – so the clean instant death much vaunted prior to the cull was…

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