2 Years ago – New Fathers 4 Justice banned from Honiton carnival

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New Fathers 4 Justice told Purple Knights entry cannot be in the procession.

Honiton and District Carnival is a family event and must not be used as a platform to promote political causes – that is the message the event’s organisers have for campaign groups after they were forced to tell New Fathers 4 Justice that they cannot take part in Saturday’s procession.

New Fathers 4 Justice had hoped to enter as Purple Knights with a Batmobile.

The news upset the would-be carnival participants.

Spokesman Pete Moore said: “Our supporters are not amused, especially as we have recently been accepted into Chard and Salisbury carnivals, and Wellington carnival last year, without any problem.

“Apparently we are too political, but I bet they have allowed people to dress as suffragettes in previous carnival processions.

“We are bitterly disappointed.”

Mr Moore said any appearance or prize money awarded to the Purple Knights…

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United Against Child Abuse ~ The Song.


Hi Dave

My band WHAT are doing a fundraiser release for United Against Child Abuse and Bill Maloney, We really need the support from everyone in the group to raise funds for people to get down to the protests in London.

The track is set for release Friday 14th of Novemeber and will cost just £1 on the WHAT website, so show your support get behind the release and lets make a change together we can make it possible for the people who cant afford to get down to protests to be involved.

The song STANDING IN THE RAIN was wrote with some highly respected musicians Tim Hutton, Chris Dawkins ( Earl tutu ) who have worked with acts such as IAN BROWN / THE PRODIGY / GROOVE ARMADA / NIGHTMARES ON WAX all artists involved in the track have agreed to give there share of profit so 30% of all net profit will be going towards, so a big thanks to everyone involved in the making of this song.


OUR WEBSITE                                                 OUR FACEBOOK


Westminster Debate: Religion, Human Rights and Child Abuse

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With ever-growing concerns surrounding child sexual abuse within a faith context and the current investigation into nationwide child abuse by the Lord Mayor Fiona Woolf, our debate, “Religious Power; Risk & Regulation” has been created with a view to support and inform this inquiry and to open up discussion with faith groups and members of the public in the UK.

The debate will take place in the House of Commons on Tuesday 18th November, at 6pm.

Co-hosted by several respected religious organisations, who promote peace and understanding between faiths and a non practicing public, this debate hopes to create an ongoing dialogue between the most senior members of our clergy and government.

Our dedicated website offers you all the latest news on the debate, the issues it raises and a look at our panel members and partners:

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Woolf Inquiry – Panel Members

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The Independent Panel Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse led by Fiona Woolf now has its panel members.

In a press release yesterday, Theresa May announced that the following individuals would head up the panel. They are:

Sharon Evans, (Ex journo, and Chief Exec of Dot.Com a children’s charity which provides safeguarding mechanisms for vulnerable children. She is also a survivor of sexual abuse)

Ivor Frank, (Barrister who experienced the care system as a child)

Dame Moira Gibb, (social work expert)

Professor Jenny Pearce OBE, (lecturer and researcher who specialises in research relating to sexual exploitation)

Dru Sharpling CBE (trained as a barrister, now working for HMIC to help improve the criminal justice system response to vulnerable  people)

Professor Terence Stephenson, (specialist in paediatrics and Chair of the GMC)

Graham Wilmer MBE, (founder of the Lantern Project and survivor of child sexual abuse)

Barbara Hearn OBE, (Past…

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6oodfella: ‘All fathers should have this conversation with their sons’

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If there were Oscars for makers of audio pieces on gender issues, 6oodfella, a fine man from the west of Scotland – Glasgow, possibly? – would surely win a number. I hope to enjoy a few pints and whisky chasers with him one day. He’s produced a lot of inspired work, but this brief piece published by AVfM in December 2013 – it’s less than four minutes long – should give you a flavour of his output. Be sure to subscribe to his channel and show your appreciation.

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New Fathers 4 Justice :Green light to scale the Severn Crossing

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Kurdish protesters who wilfully blocked the M4 Severn Crossing for a considerable time on October 12, 2014 are not to be prosecuted by Gwent Police.

Although we have sympathy with the protesters aims we are appalled by the hypocrisy, double standards and spectacular inequality shown by Gwent police

The FOI request below may be very useful; while the book has been thrown at many New Fathers 4 Justice campaigners, Kurdish protesters who did exactly the same thing are to get off ‘Scott’ free, according to the Gwent police.

The police actively pursued a prosecution against Archi Ssan who was fined £600 for climbing on Newport Transporter and this protest caused less disruption .

Archi New Fathers 4 Justice


In 2004 four Second Severn crossing Gantry protesters were prosecuted and faced two trials before eventually being convicted for causing a public nuisance.Geoff Hibbert was jailed for climbing on a bridge over the M25.

From: Freedom…

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Originally posted on Andrew Gwynne MP:

nhs_sign_1Andrew Gwynne, MP for Denton and Reddish, has backed Labour’s new pledge for a one-week cancer test guarantee.

The next Labour government will ensure that NHS patients in England will wait no longer than one week for cancer tests and results by 2020. Early diagnosis is a critical tool in the fight against cancer and this pledge could make a huge difference to those at risk from the disease.

The cancer test guarantee will be made possible by £750 million of new investment over five years, raised through a new levy on tobacco firms which make huge profits from their products which cause so much ill-health.

Andrew Gwynne has also backed Ed Miliband’s ambition for our health service to have the best cancer survival rates in Europe, which could save up to 10,000 lives a year. The number of people waiting too long to get cancer tests are going up…

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